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Situation: Given its size and scope, the City of Appleton needs to have a quality, state-of-the-art surveillance camera system in place for round-the-clock monitoring. There were frequent problems with the existing system, and the City’s IT Director, Dean Fox, wasn’t happy with the platform or its performance. Moving to a new security camera system was a big investment that required careful consideration, so a lot of research was done with several companies interviewed.

Improvement: Of the security companies considered, Lappen Security Products was chosen after a series of meetings, including a hands-on demonstration at Lappen’s showroom. The Appleton Police Department now has HD Avigilon cameras installed at its facilities, with plans to integrate them city-wide as replacements are needed. “This system is the best fit for us. It fully meets our needs and we’ve had zero problems with it,” Fox said.

Result: The City’s diligent pursuit of the right security company to partner with was well worth the effort. Fox said the cameras are a huge improvement. He also said the customer service received has been exemplary and that the Lappen team is very receptive. Fox explained, “The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable about the products they represent. If I have a question they don’t know the answer to, they’ll find it.”

Situation: The Village of Bellevue, WI, has four parks in their Village of just over 14,000 people in the metro area of Green Bay, WI. This is an area of Wisconsin that has been rapidly growing over the past 20 years, and with growth does come an increase in crime. The parks of Bellevue were no exception, as they were seeing an increase in vandalism and needed to find ways to deter future problems and keep their parks in clean condition for the many children who frequent them all summer long.

Improvement: At all four of the parks, outdoor, vandal-resistant cameras were placed in strategic positions to give parks director Joel Gregozeski the ability to see who has been using their pavilions and playgrounds at any time, day or night, and keep recordings on their digital video recorders for weeks after. Access Control was also deployed on each restroom door to allow the village to lock down and open each restroom at specific times, assuring that when the parks are closed, the restrooms are locked without having to send an employee out to each site to manually lock them down.

Result: According to parks director Joel Gregozeski early in the process, he has seen (as have other parks with similar systems in place) a decrease in incidents of vandalism. Joel also shared he feels confident that, with the added security, he will be able to maintain cleaner parks with less vandalism and be able to catch anyone willing to deface his parks. The access control has also allowed them to rent enclosed park pavilions with self-expiring access control cards – thus limiting pavilion access to specific, agreed-upon timeframes while avoiding the hassles of either keys or sending staff out to unlock/lock the facilities.

Situation: Lamers Dairy has been in business since 1913, long before the days of video surveillance. They moved to their current location in Appleton, WI, in 1998 and had an analog, 4-camera system on a VCR as their primary surveillance system. Multiple intruders had broken into their facility, one of whom actually stole the VHS tape of the recorded break-in, prompting Eric McGuire with Lamers Dairy to find a new video solution that would protect them against potential bioterrorism threats, as well as provide a more usable video picture with a higher resolution to more clearly see who is entering and leaving their building.

Improvement: Lappen Security Project Manager Chad Bevers deployed seven (7) High Definition Megapixel cameras and an Avigilon 1-terabyte Network Video Recorder, giving them the surveillance shots they needed and a recording device with an internal hard drive that doesn’t require daily tape changes.

Result: With the new cameras deployed, Eric and Lamers Dairy have crystal clear HD video that provides them a fantastic view all around their property, allowing them to get a clear shot for facial recognition of everyone who enters and exits their shop. Eric from Lamers shared, “We are very happy with the service from Lappen and the results we are getting from the Avigilon camera system!”

Situation: An assisted living facility in Neenah, WI, was looking to re-evaluate its security system and identify a long-term solution that would maximize security for residents, staff and visitors at all times. Since the facility operates around the clock, ensuring proper access control was a big issue. Valley VNA Senior Services was referred to Lappen Security and turned to the company’s TEAM OF SECURITY PROFESSIONALS to analyze – and address – their current challenges of securing multiple buildings.

Improvement: Based on meetings with various staff members, Lappen discovered that distribution and replacement of keys was a growing problem. To remedy this, and many other concerns in keeping Valley VNA’s 100-plus residents safe, Lappen installed the Paxton Access Net2 system. With so many people coming and going on a daily basis, Valley VNA can better manage access control for up to 500 users by assigning privileges on 15 doors in a matter of seconds and easily track building entrance.

Result: Valley VNA’s IT Director says the new security system “provides a level of security that we have never had.” Now that card readers are in place, workers have a new sense of security during the night, knowing the building locks down automatically and only those authorized will be able to enter. Residents and family members appreciate the feeling of safety the new security system offers the community. In addition to simplifying access control, the Paxton system also includes tech support and a 5-year warranty.

Situation: Knowing that the LAPPEN SECURITY TEAM had extensive experience advising schools on custom security solutions, the Director of Buildings and Grounds for Little Chute schools came to us seeking recommendations for a new-and-improved security system. The existing access control system was a constant source of frustration — problematic, difficult to navigate and time consuming.

Improvement: After carefully researching the options, Scott Wildenberg and team recommended the Paxton Access Net2 — featuring an easy-to-use interface and simple installation — and provided a demo. Understanding the client’s goals, our recommendation addressed the need for easy management of all building access. We also saw the value of the interface’s convenient click-and-drag graphic time zones for setup and the software’s free upgrades.

Result: The staff at Little Chute Area School District finds the new Paxton Access Net2 system extremely easy to use and maintain and says installation caused minimal disruption. The new system allows custom access settings for 26 doors across three buildings, a maintenance shop and public fitness center. It eliminates issues the district had with system lock-ups and setting start/stop times for multiple groups. It also allows much more flexibility and added controls for ensuring student and staff safety