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Medeco High Security protects against new ’convenience’ key duplication service that can leave your doors unprotected.

Most of us believe that if we lock our doors and don’t lose our keys, our homes/businesses are pretty safe. At least if a thief wanted access, they would have to use force and work at it a bit. But now a new service is potentially changing that ’reality’ – allowing criminals to easily unlock and walk through your doors. How? A new online service allows you to take a photo of a key, send it in with a small payment – and within just a few days, you will receive a duplicate key in the mail. Sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, it’s not, as you can see in THIS VIDEO, where an investigative reporter tries it out … with success. What can you do to protect yourself? While treating your keys like your driver’s license can help (don’t leave them laying out in the open, etc.), the best thing you can do is to change your locks/keys to a high-security system like Medeco High Security – because these keys can ONLY be duplicated by your authorized dealer (Lappen Security locally), and ONLY if your name is on the authorization list. To learn more, CONTACT LAPPEN SECURITY.